Right Here (Again) : My first attempt at playing guitar and recording into Garageband. It came 3 years after suffering a freak hand injury, which broke two fingers with one being a spiral fracture that means my middle finger will always have very little movement. Having dabbled with guitars for 30+ years before, I spent many hours doing physio, watching YouTube videos and was inspired to not give up.

We Hate You Simon Cowell : Dedicated to the man I blame for killing the music industry. His reality TV shows promise fame and fortune, but the 'short termism' soon leaves most with shattered dreams. The UK charts are now not worth reading. This one features Marie as a backing singer!

Imperfect Vision : When the year started I had a plan to learn Garageband, but had no idea that events would mean there was a lot more spare time than normal. So these are my thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Days In The Sun : And now for something completely different. As the nights were drawing in I decided to write a pop song about happy sunny days. Features Marie doing backing again.

Drowning In Digital : As one of the first few private individuals on "The Internet" it's really disappointing to see what the once friendly collaborative platform has become.

Tony : During the first 2020 lockdown we bought and watched the boxset of The Sopranos. This is a tribute to the main character Tony.

Let's Get A Takeway : A fictitious family surviving the lockdown where every week is the same and they get a different takeaway as a treat each Friday. Features Marie on extras.

Feel My Age : I'd already written this, and then an old friend Harry said he was feeling it too.

Hang Nine : An instrumental track written for a challenge with a theme of surf rock.

One More Thing : A song about people who are hooked by the annual mobile phone upgrade.

What Is? : A track written for a challenge with a theme of SciFi Film or TV.